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ABOUT US............

We are Different in Cleaning Industry

Washing Xpress is one of the reliable company in India to introduce the Laundromat or People’s Laundry for people on the go. we offers excellent Laundry, Dry-Cleaning & Home services to the customers since 2017. We takes off the burden of washing, drying and ironing with least time and money. Its ease of operation comes from technologically superior ‘state of the art’ laundries which not only clean clothes spotlessly but also are environment friendly. By anticipating our customers’ needs, we strive for Excellence with our innovative solutions and services. Thus we make our customers’ work easier and life happier in our laundromat. Washing Xpress serves more than 500 Customers on a daily basis with having more than 25 stores respectively. comfortable & connected & our most advanced android & iOS App available free download on the Google Play Store & App Store.

  • Cost Effective
  • Insured and Bonded
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Quality Services

Our Vision

Washing Xpress provides complete Clean & Green technology with a responsible approach towards environment using machines which consume less water & less energy. It is not only about technology and machines, We retains the human touch with our professional and personalized services. It is all about satisfaction and we are just that! The Group prides itself to be an innovative and people-oriented organization; providing individual opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction of a rewarding career options to all members of the firm. To be one of the Leading Indian Commercial grade Self Service Laundry Company providing 100% Hygienic Laundry to all people with help of most advance technology in least possible time and price too, To be an Indian company recognized for providing safe, reliable, sustainable, innovative washing solutions to all segments of private and public institutions. To be known as the most respectable brand amongst customer, employees and the industry. After having an expertise in Laundromat & successfully running 25+ stores & now looking to revolutionize the laundry landscape of the country by setting up laundry on a pan-India scale through Franchise (FOFO) model.


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